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Manoj Abraham

To the remarkable Chef Abhay who led us through the baking adventure of the Bread, Bun, Hotdog, Pizza, Donut one-day class:

Your commitment to excellence and your genuine passion for the art of baking shone brilliantly throughout the day.
What set this experience apart was your unwavering dedication in providing individual attention, allowing us to truly immerse ourselves in the magic of baking.

Your patient guidance as we kneaded the dough and crafted each delicacy from scratch made the learning process both
educational and immensely enjoyable. By encouraging us to dive hands-first into the dough, you transformed mere ingredients into works of baking art. Your expertise, coupled with your ability to tailor your teaching to our individual needs, ensured that each participant felt valued and empowered.

You guided us through the artistry of bread-making, the intricacies of perfecting buns, the savory secrets of hotdogs,
the symphony of flavors in pizzas and the sweet indulgence of donuts.

As we watched our creations rise in the oven under your watchful eye, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for your mentorship.
Thank you, Chef Abhay, along with Chef Jose and Chef Smijin for sharing your knowledge, skills and passion with us. You’ve inspired us to continue exploring the wonders of the
kitchen with newfound confidence and joy.

Thank you Baking and Pastry Institute for this wonderful opportunity.

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