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Who We Are

About Avis Baking & Pastry Institute in Kochi.

India stands as the second-largest producer of food products globally, and its food and agricultural sector holds the potential to become the largest. The bakery industry plays a pivotal role in contributing to the processed food sector in the country. Kerala, with its advanced society and impressive human development indicators, has proven to be a welcoming ground for innovative international courses. Recognizing this, many overseas institutions are eager to admit students from Kerala and establish collaborations with local educational institutions.

Interestingly, the bakery industry in Kerala has experienced significant growth, even amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector has become a key contributor to the state's economy, thriving due to its commitment to hygiene and cleanliness. The demand for healthy and functional bakery items has surged, with consumers seeking products that align with health-conscious preferences, particularly amidst concerns about lifestyle diseases.

The pandemic has also witnessed a surge in women entering the baking sector, showcasing the industry's potential for fostering entrepreneurship. While the rise of local home bakers is encouraging, organized bakeries face challenges in operational efficiency and a shortage of skilled workers. The industry is evolving, with changing consumer preferences influenced by the presence of multinational companies offering diverse options like pizzas and burgers.

Despite the growth, challenges persist at every level of the bakery industry. Adapting to changing regulations, managing the demand-supply chain, and handling fluctuations in ingredient prices are constant considerations. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, individuals must undergo proper training, understand hygienic practices, and possess financial and marketing acumen.

In response to these industry dynamics, the Baking and Pastry Institute emerges as an initiative by Avis Worldwide Education Pvt Ltd. Our goal is to blend the best of international baking expertise with Indian counterparts, aiming to:

  1. Upskill the younger generation and reskill the older generation in baking and related industries for a rewarding career.

  2. Provide affordable learning opportunities for those interested in baking or related subjects.

  3. Equip aspiring bakers and pastry chefs with the knowledge, skills, techniques, and competencies to excel in creating a variety of baked goods.

  4. Offer the knowledge and skills required by junior managers and entrepreneurs to prepare for a career in the food and beverage industry.

  5. Enable learners to gain expertise in retail and supply chain management for the baking and related industry.

  6. Assist learners in furthering their education in related disciplines overseas in countries such as Singapore, Mauritius, the UK, and Australia.

At the Baking and Pastry Institute, we are committed to shaping the future of baking professionals, fostering a learning environment that empowers individuals to thrive in the evolving world of bakery and pastry arts. Join us in this journey and unlock your potential in the dynamic field of baking.

Our Vision

To be the front runner in developing a highly-skilled workforce for Baking and related Industries.

Our Mission

To offer high-quality & affordable baking and related programmes for learners to acquire relevant skills & knowledge for academic and career progression.

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Our Distinguishing Features

Learn New Skills When And Where You Like

Master baking skills at a leading pastry institute. Expert guidance and hands-on learning for culinary excellence.


High-grade Equipment

Elevate your baking experience with top-notch equipment designed to enhance your skills and creativity in the kitchen.


Textual Materials

Get printed notes for all main classes. Enhance learning offline with comprehensive materials tailored for your education.


Warm-hearted Mentors

Experience learning with friendly tutors providing personalized guidance and a supportive environment.

How We Start Journey

Start your Learning Journey Today!

Explore baking's artistry for sweet indulgence. Join us to master cakes and pastries, one creation at a time.


Learn with Experts

Explore specialized courses led by industry leaders, and master skills with personalized guidance at Learn with Experts.


Offline Classes

At Learn with Experts, engage, immerse, and receive personalized guidance for impactful learning.


International Certificate

Gain global recognition with our International Certificate, unlocking limitless opportunities worldwide.


Our Infrastructure

Build your success on our modern, reliable infrastructure. Trust in our advanced facilities and technology to drive your progress.

Our Testimonials

Insight into Student Experiences at the Baking & Pastry Institute

Hone your baking skills at a top pastry institute for culinary excellence.

To the remarkable Chef Abhay who led us through the baking adventure of the Bread, Bun, Hotdog, Pizza, Donut one-day class: Your commitment to excellence and your genuine passion for the art of baking shone brilliantly throughout the day.What...

I personally had very good experience in learning from The baking and pastry institute .Teachers are well qualified,good communications skill,especially Jose sir,Abhay sir and Smijin sir . The team were so good and a memorable experience .

I studied 3 months certificate in baking and pastry arts in the baking and pastry institute and it was an amazing experience with the whole team. Chef Abhay, chef Smijin and Chef Jose are really great instructors, they taught...

Attending the cookies class at The Baking and Pastry Institute was an absolute delight and exceeded all expectations. Chef Smijin’s passion for cookies was infectious, and his expertise shone through in every aspect of the class. We delved into...

Coming from a non-culinary background, I was a bit nervous about starting the baking and pastry program. But the welcoming atmosphere at The Baking and Pastry Institute quickly put me at ease. The instructors were patient and passionate about...

I highly recommend The Baking and Pastry Institute. The world-class training, extensive resources, and industry connections make it a fantastic choice for aspiring bakers.

I had an incredible experience at The Baking and Pastry Institute. The instructors were not only experts in their field but also passionate about teaching. The hands-on training and personalized guidance helped me develop my baking skills to a...